Wushu is a brand new game development studio in Liverpool and home to a motley collection of industry veterans. Formed in August 2017 and drawn together by a shared passion for games and an overwhelming desire to make great ones, our mission to marry technology and fun is now in full swing.


Making video games is an art form that takes time to get right – which is why, predictably, we can’t say much about our debut title right now. Not because we’re trying to be enigmatic, rather, the game is currently in prototype phase and we’re heads down laying out fundamental design mechanics. To let the world take a gander at this point might result in confusion and horror!


In the meantime we are recruiting talented developers – so if that’s you, why not use the form below to say hi. We’d love to hear from you and promise not to automatically tune you in to our shenanigans. Those of you who want to tune in to said shenanigans can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram we promise to keep it clean…

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The Studio

Wushu Studios, 2nd Floor,

31 Parliament Street, Liverpool, L8 5RN