Wushu Weekly #8: Cozy Edition

Wushu Weekly #8: Cozy Edition

Hi all!

As the rest of 2020 has felt, it seems like every month has just been garbled up with the next and we’ve lost all sense of time doesn’t it? We’re already in September with the holidays fast approaching, and though we don’t have anything to update everyone on regarding projects or announcements. Once again we sincerely hope you’re staying safe out there amidst this pandemic and wish everyone the very best. With that said, we wanted to share what some of the team has been up to in their spare time – a “cozy” edition, if you will.

First up is something we just had to share. Is it a charm? A Pokemon of some kind? No – it’s a wood sculpture of…something…from our very own Tech Designer, Jamie. Look at it! It’s got little chips for arms. When we find out what it truly is, we’ll let you know too. For now, bask in its glory!

Speaking of glory, glory be to our Design Director, Nigel, for beating Civilization VI on Deity difficulty (that’s the hardest setting by the way) after a whopping 1013 hours! That’s over 42 days of playtime if you’re counting. Godlike…godlike indeed Nigel.

Not only was that a feat, he’s been running a homebrew virtual Dungeons & Dragons campaign using Roll20, for a few of the Wushu crew  and other developers from as far afield as Warsaw. Feast your eyes on the spiffy campaign map created for it:

Mike, one of our amazing programmers, has been looking at DSP algorithms for reliably isolating a laser line in an image for a 3D scanner he’s been making. If you understood what that means, please tell us. It sounds fun! And we’ve got more builders on the team, which seems to be a running theme today doesn’t it? Jo and Stuart, our Development & Art Directors respectively, have been putting together their own little projects: a LEGO VW Camper and a lovely building kit (both pictured below).

Lead Designer Mike has, in the past three weeks alone, read ‘Other Minds: The Octopus, the Sea, and the Deep Origins of Consciousness’, by Peter Godfrey-Smith, ‘Fool’s Fate’ by Robin Hobb, ‘The Art of Resilience’ by Ross Edgely, and ‘Pompeii’ by Mary Beard. Yes, we said weeks, not months.

Once again, we want to thank you for taking some time and seeing what some of our teammates have been up to for fun in times like these. It’s important to stay busy and stay as active as possible in a pandemic like COVID-19. We’d like to end by saying we’re still looking for talented programmers and coders to join our studio. If you’d love the chance to work on games like upcoming Baldur’s Gate III and Destruction AllStars and/or play a creative role on our new IP in development, we’d love to chat. We need artists, programmers and more to help us out. Check our careers page for more details and drop us a line.

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Nate Najda
Communications Manager